Ignite Pro 2019?

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is there a change log somewhere?

and specficly, has the credit  roll tool been revised?

this is for Resolve16 host



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    Change log is here:


    Mods aren't Staff, so I can't speak specifically about the credit roll, but, while Resolve 16 is in beta it's tougher to catch these things. 

  • dshane
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    i guess i should have been more specfic - is there a change log for v5 anywhere?

    not trying to be too demanding... my inbox keeps getting spam to upgrade "DEAL!!DEAL!!!DEAL!!! BUY NOW NOW NOW" ;-)

    but the spam does not say much of anything about what the deal is.... what does v5 bring to the table that effects my workflow?

    last version was total mehhhhh, i don't really care about 360/VR and everything else has been covered off by Resolve native or BCC/Saphire already

    Where  i find Ignite to shine is the assistant frendly end roller, and great particle effects, but both need some lurve  by 2019... would be a reason to part with a tiny amount of cash to upgrade - the plugin's are already super, very, ultra, cost effective tho as it stands, so no issues paying full price later if v5 is staying under wraps for now, or if v5 is focused elsewhere as the last update was, keep sitting on my hands ;-)



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