Feature Request: Batch Export of *Projects*, Not Layers

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Let's face it. Not all your photos are gonna have the same canvas dimensions, considering that you'd want to crop them.  And stacking up your photoshoot into one project to house several layers is going to be a GPU RAM eater (I have a 1080ti. I tried it.)



I'd like the ability to have IMERGE Pro select multiple (projects) and batch export those.


  • SamuelMorris
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    Interesting idea @Hictor, I'll put it on the list of ideas we have.

    If you can arrange the project so that you use multiple content items per layer rather than toggling the visibility of multiple layers that will help save memory (though when you switch content it will have to reload the image from disk).

  • Hictor
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    I didn't quite get what you meant until I actually tried it out myself.

    Maybe the better idea would be to allow each content to have its own canvas? (Just talking out loud here. Not sure if that's actually feasible)

  • Hictor
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    On a side note, I should probably invest time in actually reading up the manual.

  • SamuelMorris
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    @Hictor, do you mean like automatically changing the canvas size to the selected content?

    So say you had a layer with two images in, one say 1000x1000 and the other as 2000x2000, switching between them would also change the canvas size from 1000x1000 to 2000x2000? (You can already do this manually by switching and then right clicking on the layer and selecting "Set canvas to same size")

  • Hictor
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    Precisely @SamuelMorris And these changes would be registered through out, so that when I click for a batch export, they all come out with their respective canvas sizes.

    In all fairness, I didn't know about the Set Canvas to Same Size feature, but the underlying problem still persists.

    In some photo editing, my interest would be to crop image to a particular size so as to zoom in or out of an image. If the job there is done, but then I have to work on a second content that requires a larger canvas and set it to the same size of said second content, then that would undo the cropping of the previous content.

    We are talking about a non-destructive software afterall

    Sure. You can mask your object of interest and that would pretty much be another method of "Cropping In" without having to worry too much about the Canvas, but that would leave me with additional unnecessary  visual guess work. I'd rather dedicate a project for each image (as I did in this instance) if that were the case.

    I leave it upto you guys. I appreciate this is a whole different system and can't expect to exactly mimic other softwares.

    Three last ideas for this thread, I promise!

    1-A file explorer: Please.  

    2-Project Thumbnails should have multiple images that is inclusive of the first 4 or 6 content (in a multiple content project)

    3- Basic geometric shapes! Circle. Square. Triangle and line. Yes. It's easy to draw masks on solids to make those shapes but why not reduce the time required time to make them? Compositing images on geometric shapes can be pretty useful.


  • Triem23
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    @SamuelMorris Merely an observation based on recent work in Affinity Photo, Krita and Imerge.

    I realize everyone is on the "non-destructive" train, but, boy, sometimes I want to do a good old-fashioned destructive edit, like, say, cropping an image and THROWING AWAY the data I cropped. I don't need those extra pixels increasing the size of my file, especially when I just cropped a hundred pages of scans with 6 photos per page....

    So, I guess I'm sneaking into this "Batch Export" thread a feature request for a destructive crop. Which I'll also stick into an appropriate forum.

    Semi-related to this thread.... And I'll type it up more formally and in more detail later, I'd still love Imerge to have an "Export to Hitfilm" option. In this case, because of the different code base, order of operations and effects lists of Imerge and Hitfilm I'll settle for baking in all active effects and masks, rendering each layer to the canvas size (with a transparent BG, so PNG, TIFF or EXR) and creating the Hitfilm Composite Shot that opens all layers and stacks them on the timeline, where the composite is now ready to be spaced on the z-axis and turned into a 2.5D matte painting.

    Alternate Export would be to bake in all effects and masks, save each layer to a dimensions generated by taking a bounding box of the visible pixels and writing the position of each layer into the Hitfilm Composite Shot.

    Note the recognition that the pipelines between Imerge and Hitfilm are different and making an Imerge project editable in Hitfilm is likely impossible, but the brute force method described above - bake in everything, render the layers and stack in the Comp Shot - would greatly add to the appeal of Imerge to Hitfilm users.

    Heck @Hictor wasn't it you a month or so ago with the thread about trying to batch export all layers from Affinity Photo for a Hitfilm Composite?

    Hictor, another observation for you. Samuel mentioned being able to have multiple content images in a single layer. This is, to me, Imerge's second standout feature (other than keeping your RAW "raw."). I can't think of another image editor/compositor that allows one to switch out the content of a layer while keeping it's effects stack and masks in place. It's a unique feature that makes Imerge stand out, it's the sort of thing useful to any photographer who works with a lot of similar or repetitive projects, and it's something that I don't think many people have recognized as an existing feature and as a potential game-changer for the way people do composites. But, for sake of argument, let's say I've shot an event. Prom. Why not prom? And I've shot all my couples on a greenscreen. Chances are I've set up my light correctly so it's consistent across all couples. I'm going to comp all my couples into another background picture, so, I set up my Imerge Project and load the BGs into Layer 1 and all, oh, 400 couple pics into Layer 2. Do my chroma key on Layer 2 and, chances are a set taken with the same camera and the same lighting means everything has the same settings. Add in a bit of a grade to tie the people and the BG together and....

    Oh, heck, I'm basically done! Having multiple content files in one layer means I just did every file in the set with one operation. Now it's just time to Export!

    So. I need to read the manual myself, but, is there a batch export function where I export the same project over and over but can "increment" content files in a Layer? If so, then I flag all my content for Layer 2 as the incremental Export, start the export and walk away knowing Imerge has just saved me a couple of days of repetition. If not... well, another one for the Wishlist.

  • SamuelMorris
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    @Hictor, Thanks for the explanation, we'll put it in the backlog and see what we can do.

    About your other requests, we do want to do shapes at some point in the future, though I can't say when. For the project thumbnails, do you mean having a separate thumbnail per content variation? By a file explorer I assume you mean like a catalogue for organisation of images? In which case it has been discussed here previously at https://fxhome.com/forum/discussion/48522/feature-request-asset-management and we may look into doing something in the future.


    @Triem23, Yeah in any export to Hitfilm it would almost certainly have to be as flattened layers with masks and effects (and effect masks!) already applied. We will look at this in the future, though I again can't say when, it depends on what takes priorty.

    Good news, what you described in your last paragraph is the basic functionality of the batch system! By default if you switch to the batch tab it will default to rendering and exporting all content variations. You can also send custom variations to the batch system by clicking the button to the left of the batch tab button.

  • Hictor
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    @Triem23 Yes! I started that thread and I definitely support your suggestion for exporting baked layers.

    With regards to a destructive-crop in, I'd say its unnecessary, if Imerge can be assigned to simply retain a seperate aspect ratio for every individual content. 

    The beauty of limitation is that it can potentially open doors to a new workflow that would remain undiscovered otherwise.

    My current workflow with images is edit raw in Imerge first, export them as PNG's and do touch ups on Affinity Photo.

    @SamuelMorris Regarding the thumbnails. Here's a mock-up



    I looked at the thread you suggested. Yeah, that's pretty much what I was hinting at.

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