Hitfilm Express Perfomance

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My problem is one of the most common, but I have to know if I can do anything about it. Hitfilm works on my PC awfully - preview on viewer stutters, freezes, sometimes loading only one frame takes good 5 seconds. The same thing happens in the Editor. Is it because of my computer's power or could it be something different, like messed up software settings? Perhaps a type of video I'm editing is the culprit? For now, I tried to lower Viewer quality settings, but even with preview looking like NES game footage, stutters happen all the time :(

My PC specs:

- Radeon R9 380X

- Intel Core i5-6500 3,2GHz

- 16GB of RAM

- HDD Seagate 1TB 3,5" SATAIII, 7200RPM, 64MB cache


  • Triem23
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    Two immediate observations.

    First, you've already mentioned you're using screencap footage. This is highly compressed footage not suited for editing. This video will discuss a bit how video files work (will explain why screencap video is bad for editing), what video formats are better for editing, and several (free) ways to convert the footage. 

    Second, well, you're running off a HDD. HDDs are slow. An SSD would be faster if your budget allows. The SSD market is just getting to where external USB-C SSDs are fairly reasonably priced. 


  • NormanPCN
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    Running of a HDD is not likely a problem with highly compressed AVC type media. The bitrate is so low even multiple streams can be typically handled. A catch 22 is that a transcode to an intermediate format (Cineform/Prores) is soo much harder on the I/O. Relatively speaking. Still not likely a problem with HD resolution at many simultaneous streams. More than two streams can be a problem at UHD resolutions, with intermediates (Cineform/Prores)  with a spindle HD.

    From where I speak... My old PC was a 4Ghz 4770K, 16GB ram, 7200 RPM 1TB HD.

    The likely a problem here is a slow CPU for common/typical AVC encoded media without hardware AVC decode (AMD GPU). NormanAVC may solve the issue. Intermediates of course.

  • ChrisFM
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    Jeez, thanks a lot, both of you! There's surely a lot of learning about video coding before me, but this Norman AVC thing has helped immediately. It looks like the problem was my phone's video clips. Now everything works smooth and fine :D