Problem with jpg blinking or trying to render/convert | Hitfilm Express

I don't know the name of what is happening so here's a 7-second YT video.

(don't mind the audio)

I just want to put jpg or png over mp3. The jpg is full hd  (1080).

How do I fix this? Thanks.


  • EightChickens
    EightChickens Website User Posts: 3

    Can anyone help?

  • tddavis
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    @EightChickens That almost looks like shutter noise from an old 8mm camera...Very unusual.  I notice the image kind of wiggles a bit almost like you took a photo and filmed it with a camera?  That's not the case here, right? 

    How are you setting up your project?  Could you possibly take a screen cap of the Hitfilm interface so we could see what is actually going on in it, and also, how are you exporting; i.e to a PNG sequence for sequencing into video or straight to a video format and which one?

    More info would greatly help and even if you would load your project up to a cloud source and share it would help tons.

  • EightChickens
    EightChickens Website User Posts: 3

    Thanks for reply. I did use my phone to record but the image itself was like converting on and off (don't know the correct term/word) every x seconds.

    The hitfilm (express) set up is: I drop a jpg in video then drop an mp3 in audio then expand the jpg to the end of mp3. I then export as mp4 with template youtube 720p.

    I tried saving that jpg as png (32-bit) but same result.

    Then I thought maybe the jpg needs better resolution so I downloaded a hi-res wallpaper jpg but same result.

    I haven't tried different mp3 but I don't know if it would make a difference.

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