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I can only record 720p video, and want to upload to youtube in 1080p. My friend (who also uses hitfilm) says that there is a way to upscale the quality of your video. Is this true? And if so, how can I do it myself?


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    I'm tempted to say "why don't you ask your friend?" 

    But... You have multiple options. One is to create your project at 1080p and scale up your video on the timeline (on a timeline clip  you can right click and use a "Fit To" option, or manually adjust Scale. The Scale value to uprez 720 to 1080 is "150%“).

    The other option is to modify an export preset for 1080p, disabling the" set dimensions from project" toggle.

    Correction: you wrote "upscale the quality." You mean "upscale the resolution." Upscaling resolution will DECREASE the quality. It might not be visible to the eye, but it's a degradation. If you go from 720 to 1080 then every two pixels (horizontally or vertically) becomes three pixels. Scaling routines do a pretty good job these days, but video scaling always works best with halving or doubling (and you're scaling to 150% not 50% or 200%). Don't let this paragraph scare you. Go ahead and up sample  but know it will effect quality. Then again, if I watched your 720p video on a 1080 monitor in full screen it's STILL being scaled to 150% by the monitor. Scaling is gonna happen. You may as well do it yourself where you can control and review the output. 

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