Anybody Need A Sci-Fi Plot?

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Is anybody here making SciFi films and perhaps looking for new plot to explore? 

TEASER:  Modern civilization continues on it's ever accelerating nose dive in to chaos, until the hero of the story figures out a remarkably simple solution which can convert the emerging carnage in to a near utopia.  The solution rides the edge between being both unthinkable and realistic.

For only $368 million dollars you can buy exclusive rights to this plot for your next huge budget film, or I can type it up here for free, as you prefer.


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    cluelessnube Posts: 522 Enthusiast

    Ok, ok, so I'll tell you the plot, but only because so many members are demanding it.  :-)

    Your protagonist is a scientist who seeks to radically change the world.

    First, they complete work already underway today that allows them to create sperm and egg cells from a skin cell.  (They can already do this in mice, coming soon in humans, so this part is only a little futuristic.)  Having thus made men biologically unnecessary, they then launch their program.

    The scientist engineers and releases a rapidly spreading virus which doesn't harm any living men, but makes it impossible for anyone to have a male baby.  Thus, after a hundred years or so there are no more men, and all humans are female.

    What happens then, what does such a world look like?

    First, 95% or so of all the violence in the world ends, lifting an enormous burden off of hundreds of millions of people.  Wars, revolutions, drug gangs, the mafia, school shootings, etc etc almost all of that, gone, over, done.

    Next, the majority of money (many trillions of dollars) which had previously been spent on managing violence, armies, police, prisons, criminal courts, victims services and so on can now be redirected to more constructive projects such as health care and schools etc.

    Is the scientist a genocidal psychopath?  Or are they the savior of mankind?

    Have they ruined life as we know it?  Or have they brought on a near utopia?

    Are they a good guy, or a bad guy?

    TERMS:  If you make this film and then sell the rights to Disney for $365 million dollars, you have to buy me a beach house, and um, Hitfilm Pro!