3D Character Animator For Mac From FXhome?

cluelessnube Website User Posts: 476 Just Starting Out

I do realize this is probably unrealistic, but anyway, here's a quick request that FXhome might consider crafting a 3D character animator for Mac/Windows. 

I gave DAZ a try for a couple months, and though it did serve as a good introduction to 3D character animation (and is free) in the end I concluded that for my taste DAZ is more trouble than it's worth.  As just one example, editing keyframes in DAZ is a major pain compared to the ease of keyframe editing in Hitfilm.

My vague understanding is that 3D is a whole different ballgame than 2D, and that the Mac market may be too small to merit such an investment, which probably explains why there are so few options for the Mac.  So I don't have high expectations here, but thought it might merit a mention just in case. 


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