60fps to 30 fps is jerky

Am I missing something?

My main comp is set at 30fps.

I bring in my footage which is 60fps.

When I change the speed of the footage to 50%...it looks like it works.

However,  It is holding each frame for 2 frames.

Almost like it is converting 60fps to 30fps...then slowing it down.

Am I missing a simple setting somewhere?

Thank you


  • AxelWilkinson
    AxelWilkinson Posts: 5,255 Staff

    You are going about that the wrong way. When you add your 60fps footage to the 30 fps timeline, the footage is conformed to the timeline, meaning half the frames are removed so it fits the timeline's frame rate. Any changes made to the footage after that, including speed changes, only have half of the original frames to work with.

    Instead, if you want to use a high frame rate clip to create slow motion, open the Properties for your 60 fps clip in the media panel, and change its frame rate to 30 fps. Then add it to the 30 fps timeline. This will cause all of the original frames to be used, but they will play at only 30 frames per second, or half speed.

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,275 Power User

    What Axel said. 

    Additional note: if you want to "speed snap" from slow-motion to normal motion the easiest way to do it is to actually right click your media in the bin, select "Duplicate" then adjust one copy as Axel describes above. You can rename media in the bin (right click  "Rename" or highlight and F2), so rename your slow mo clip to ">name<Slow" or something. Then cut between the two clips where the speed changes.

    It's counterintuitive  but, because Hitfilm conforms media when added to the timeline, this actually gives better  more controllable results than splitting a single clip and using a Speed effect or Rate Stretch tool.