Is there a preset for underwater look?

I want to have my actor walk across a background but have a layer on top that is wavy like he is under water and walking across the ocean floor. Not a dark ocean but like in the Bahamas, real clear. Maybe a slowed down heat effect like off a jet or something. Very new at this, but I had the idea  and did some research, but I can't find any way to do it.


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    You can try altering the distance fog in the advanced settings of the composite shot--low density and a light blue might give underwater lighting as a look.
    For the ripples, you'll want to create an embedded composite shot with a plane layer and put fractal clouds on it. Adjust the fractal clouds so they are dense and detailed. Maybe animate the clouds so they move on the Y axis. Hide this layer.Then, create a grade layer and apply displacement to it--use the fractal clouds embed as the displacement source. You probably don't need more than about 3-5% displacement.
    This is also how you'd do heat haze.
    If you only want the ripples on PART of the layer, then apply masks to the clouds inside the embedded composite shot.
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    Win, that looks nice! Thanks for sharing!

    Try this, you will want to tweak the layers, but it may be useful.