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Hello everyone,,

I'm a beginner Filmamaker/editor and I would like to improve my skills on Hitfilm in every aspect. 

I found all the tutorials on youtube and stuff but i have no clue where to start. Does anyone have an idea on where to start? I want to do sort of a training course in hitfilm. Are there any good ones online? If not would anyone be willing to put a short one together?

Thanks a lot,




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    @PetterJhon As for formal training in Hitfilm, I don't know of any but the closest I know of is Hitfilm University by @Triem23, Mike Miller.  I believe he has the Chapters -to-date arranged in a playlist on his channel.  It starts wityh the interface and goes to control 3D Cameras.  Granted the program has gone through some changes but the great thing about his tutorials is the in-depth detail into the understanding the principles.  Hope you haven't already found his stuff and it helps you out.

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    I agree with @tddavis Hitfilm University is a great place to start @Triem23 is very thorough. Once you have done his tutorials there you can find other really good ones on the  following YouTube pages: FXHome, Film Sensei and Red Alert... other than that searching YouTube will always throw up someone you've not discovered yet. I tend to find new people/channels if I'm searching for a specific effect.

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    One thing about my Hitfilm University channel is the existing tutorials were built in Hitfilm 2017 (v5). Some of the information is a little out of date, but I will be returning to the channel with updated tutorials soonish. End of July or top of August.

    That said, I have tried to structure as a beginning to advanced course  and the Essential Hitfilm series is a good starting point. 

    The Hit-U channel also has playlists of tutorials from at least 30 other channels, including Film Sensei, Clever Tagline, Red Alert and many others. The playlists there are a useful resource to find other tutorial creators (and subscribe to them). I even playlist the FXHOME channel... But only Hitfilm tutorials, not the livestreams and Imerge stuff, as well as the Hitfilm dedicated episodes from Film Riot and Surfaced Studio.

    For the tutorial channels I particularly recommend I'd say Hit-U (but I'm biased), Film Sensei, Red Alert, Clever Tagline, Shiny Films and Motion Epic. I'd also recommend looking at Film Learnin. Film Learnin is Ae based  but a lot of Red Alert tutorials convert Film Learnin to Hitfilm, so studying Red Alert and Film Learnin is a good crash course to figure out how to adapt Ae tutorials for Hitfilm. Sensei jumps around on topic but Jay has been coming up with a lot of neat techniques. Clever Tagline? Man, Justin doesn't put out too many tutorials  but, again, he just develops really interesting and elegant techniques. Motion Epic specializes in lower thirds, text and transition effects, so, if that's your thing, he's got tons of examples. Ooh, colamanBS! Most of his stuff is custom transitions ,but, again, a fantastic channel to learn that sort of thing. 

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