"Audio Compositing" in Hitfilm

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@Triem23 Pardon me for making a whole thread about this to address you (of course, this is open to everyone) 

Audio Compositing, as a terminology, I think isn't all that strange in the sound engineering world.

A thought struck me with regards to Hitfilm: Since we've generally established that the software is a "Composite First" software, what if the solution to the clunkiness of the editor is actually a composite-focused workflow?

Now, this is obvious ALREADY a given with videos (case & point, a video that you trimmed and gapped and want to combine for a Speed Duration Effect would have to be thrown in one composition)

But imagine if the same workflow is to be applied for audio? Now, you can technically already do this: 

But imagine a future where Hitfilm allows you to right click an audio file in the editing timeline and hit "Make Audio Composite", thus giving you an audio doctoring interface?  This might look like a strange idea, until you take you into account the fact that Hitfilm is probably the lead in GPU utilization. And there have been plenty of examples where GPU power has been shown to help compute Audio

Am I onto something?

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