Png black backgrounds

Ok, so this has been bugging me for the past three hours. So I know that the png has a black background because its not 32-bit. Is there anyway to make the background clear? I do pokemon content and it will take hours to export each individual sprite through just to place them on a layout.... please help. If there is no way to fix, i guess ill have to find another editor. (I use Hitfelm Express 12)


  • Triem23
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    It depends on if your artwork has black lines? Demult or a Luma Key would remove a black background, but, would remove any black line work in the actual art.

    You'll run into the same problem with ANY NLE/Compositor. Sorry, but the true solution is for you to correctly prepare your sprites with a transparent or contrasting color background to begin with (Like, for a Pikachu, a violet background could be keyed out).

  • Okay, thank you.