How to do this effect?

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Couldnt find any on youtube...


  • tddavistddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 4,171 Moderator

    @SkyVP Looks like the bulge effect could get you in the vacinity you want.  Also, I think some tweaking with the radial warp might get there as well, but that's only a guess.

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     @tddavis Im not with my pc rn, How about the colour change???

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    @SkyVP Oh, totally missed that part.  Looks like it's a negative of the footage.  I'm not at my pc right now either, but under color effects I'd look for something like reverse image or even negative image effect.  On BW, this changes the whites to black and vice versa, but on color footage (and I'm totally trying recall the difference, reds become green, I think...) or it could be a color fill filter that let's you select more than one color for fills. 

    Edit: Nope, I was wrong.  Reds become cyan or bluish. 

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    @tddasvis here is another example also at 0:10

    alright then, i will try it when i get back home. Tbh the colour aint that important, just need some colour changer to make the effect looks cool, grey, black white combination is also ok. The important part is the dent or spacetime wrap or whatever it is called lol

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    @SkyVP Threw this together real quick when I got home.  I am using 12.3 PRO so I don't know if you can open the project file in the zip.

    MP4 test footage

    Zip of project and MP4 plus image used

    Hope these help you somehow.

    Edit: Should have mentioned the the negative effect in Invert under color grading.  Under Distort use Bulge

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    Thats displacement followed by a negative.   Probably have a ring shape for the displacement then start from small and make it bigger.   Probably there is a negative still over the image with an animated displacement.  I could do this ins my NLE, less sure how to do it in hitfilm but I'm sure you can.

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    @Dimipapa pretty much the same as you'd do it in your NLE. You need a black and white animation - probably in an embedded Comp Shot - to drive a Displacement Map.

    I'd create a comp, add a 50% gray plane, use Radio Waves to add white circles (and black circles - the key is a screen blend on the white circles and a multiply on the black) and, maybe a little blur to tie it together.

    Embed this comp and use it as the Source Layer of the displacement map. 

    This tutorial covers the Displacement effect. In this case using a still displacement map and animating the displace values. For what's wanted here you animate the map and just set one displacement value. 


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    Man im so confused. I though i just need to make the image like kinda sucks in by a black hole in the middle, and that will make the image outer of the black hole looks bend/sucked in. I watched the video but it teach me how to make 3d like image, i dont know how is it related and i dont know where to start...

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