could anyone recommend some motion blur settings please

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Whenever I try to do the motion blur effect, it's all weird and makes the footage show pixels (even when I render). Could someone gimme some settings that aren't so buggy as mine

thanks xd


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    Proper Motion Blur settings require a little basic math. 

    The motion blur effect controls work on a "film" model. A film shutter is a spinning round disc with a notch cut out. When the notch passes over the film, light reaches it. 

    The "normal" motion blur setting is 1/2 of the frame rate. A 1080-degree shutter exposes for half a circle.

    Video cameras (including DSLR/MFT/Mirrorless cameras work in fractions of a second. So, for a camera shooting 30 fps "normal" shutter speed is 1/60, which equals a 180 degree shutter.

    A "proper" motion blur depends on knowing your frame rate and shutter speed. This will provide a fraction used to divide the 360 degrees of a circle.

    Examples: 30 fps, 1/60 shutter. 30 is half of 60. Half of 360 is 180. That's a 180 degree shutter.

    30 fps, 1/250 shutter: 250/30=8.33. 360/250=43.2. 43.2 shutter angle.

    Shutter Phase should be "negative 1/2" of the angle. Proper Shutter Phase for a 180 degree shutter is -90. Proper Shutter Phase for a 43.2 shutter angle is -21.6.

    That said, the Motion Blur effect isn't designed to just drop on an entire video clip. Motion blur can only track pixel movement within a frame. If you drop motion blur on, say GoPro footage it's not going to look realistic. It's not calculating camera movements, just tracking pixels. The motion blur effect is designed to be used on isolated elements to help them blend. For example  maybe I've shot an actor on greenscreen with a lightsaber and I've shot a 1/500 shutter so I have a sharp stick to guide my lightsword placement. Perhaps I'd drop a motion blur effect on the actor to help the actor blend into a BG plate shot at a 1/48 shutter.