How to have puppet heads talk when audio is playing?

DoopedyShmoopleDoopedyShmoople Website User Posts: 1

I'm in the middle of editing a podcast. I want to make it so when a person is talking there's a little talking head talking along with them like in this video here; How can I do this?


  • OnixartsOnixarts Website User Posts: 120
    edited June 2019

    I don't think there is an easy way to do this. Probably the best technique You can use is to record/render video with some audio depend plugin (eg. audio waveform), then track some of the features in this video - then use it as an reference point to move some part of the image. If there is a simplier (automatic) method I would also want to know how. It would be a little simplier if we can track composite shots, but we can't.

    I guess there should be a plugin that allows to map sound velocity to position - at least. The perfect solution would be if HF would allows to connect any variable (driven by audio for example) to any knob/slider. It's the most valuable thing I'm waiting for in HF ;)

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