Dealing with it (a short film)

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Hi guys!

A couple of weeks ago I posted the trailer and now the short is out. We had the usual 100+ people in the auditorium watching, and this time more than 200 people received feedback from their colleagues (the short film is part of our Peer Awards event at work).

Anyway, here it is:


And I challenge you to find the only VFX/compositing shot in the film. Hint it's between 5:30 and 6:00 :)


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    And for the curious ones, doing the storyboard was useful this time around :)

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    Sorry but I somehow missed this.
    Think it looks great and the actors did a superb job. It's all really well put together also.
    The extra videos are useful as well especially as I am trying to improve my storyboarding since I'm fed up with moving the camera before I am finished with that particular angle. 

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    Wow. Somehow I missed this as well. Apologies. I'll be watching it and giving feedback on it tomorrow.

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    @DafterThings thanks for the comments and the help with the script also!

    I'm fairly happy with it, but in retrospective it does have pacing issues, and also the actors are not given enough things to do when they're delivering dialogue (my fault entirely). But if life isn't continuous learning...

    Let's see what @Xhan47 thinks about it :) and I'm still curious if anyone will spot the composite shot there :D

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    It *does* have some pacing issues but nothing too bad. I'll also admit I found the Kalyani & Sam handshake and gaze a little awkward.

    I believe the composite is at 05:45 (from looking at the T-shirt)???

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    @DafterThings it is a bit awkward :) it was a big risk to have even this level of romance with non-actors. I'm more than pleased with what they managed.

    The composite shot :) it's at 5:46, the wide take over Sam's shoulder. We forgot a door open that was supposed to be closed. I masked/rotoed Sam, and "brought him closer to the camera" by making his head  bigger and blurrier (with appropriate feathering) so he covers the door. I'm happy if you didn't notice it.

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    Congrats Roger

    It is a big project and you put it all together. And for what I assume was no budget, it looks great. Sam as a love interest seems a bit hard to believe but the overacting from the others is great.

    My greatest concern is that it took so long for the story to start to flow. Like a lot of shorts*, I felt confused for the first 3/4 of the film as to what the story was really about.


    * I have scored for a few short films and seen quite a few more. By the end, I think they are clever stories but first few times I am like, what's this about?

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    Nice!!! another enjoyable film with likable characters. 

    The last film was about a biscuit?/ bread and this one was about Coffee. hmmm, I'm sensing a pattern.........

    Once again I love the music choices and the bartender hiding behind the machine was great.

    I was a bit confused about the opening scene at first and it made it a little hard to follow in the beginning.

    For instance, I thought the lady on the stream meeting was telling her she didn't want to wear the dress the manager sent her.

    Maybe It's the accent but it was hard to understand what she was saying. Was'nt till the 4th replay on the clip I realized she was actually saying: I don't want to hear it, you're going to have to find something else. not: I don't want to wear it. You're going to have to find something else.

    Right, when it gets to 2:44 though, that's when the plot is revealed and the film is gold. I enjoyed every minute of it and the lighting was so impressive that I actually thought this could be a Tv-show that I would watch every Saturday night or something.

    Really liked your cameo and the way you edited the door slams were exceptionally well done.

    And that montage at 4;55 is awesome.

    Mandy's continuing suspicion is fun to watch unfold.

    The way you directed Arto and the movements with his eyebrows was really cool.  I am curious, how you direct someone on how to move their eyebrows?

    The credits were really well put together as well.

    A post credit scene, and to be continued? cool. Looking forward to the next part and all the BTS bonus videos coming.

    The side by side storyboards comparison was great as well.

    all in all the film is an impressive achievement and is very fun to watch. Great work.












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    @Benedic_RoffMarsh thanks man! And yes, this is a no-budget effort (other than the equipment I own). We do it at work for an event we call Peer Awards where people give positive feedback for each other. The short film makes the event a bit more fun :)

    I think I became obsessed (still am) with "show, don't tell" and because of overdoing it, and lack of experience/training/knowledge in writing then happens what you describe. I hope I learnt something and the next one is better.

    @Xhan47 glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, Just waiting for Friday was largely about "the Friday bun"... I like my food :D

    I added the subtitles for our event, and also in YouTube. None of us are English-speaking (other than the "mystery manager", with no lines lol), so the accents can be confusing. Turn on the YouTube captions :)

    The 4:55 sequence was really fun to edit, especially once I had chosen the music and I could time the events to the beat.

    Directing Arto is fun, he is fun like that all the time. It's more of a... "yeah, do that again!" "geez, I'm happy the camera was rolling and we got that expression" rather than me directing him :D I was not that great at giving direction when they didn't know how to feel, but Satu (the producer/coordinator/editing-reviewer) was really good at using metaphores "imagine you lost your keys", or "someone stepped on your toe" instead of me saying "look worried; no, more worried".

    And it was all lit with a C120D and a light dome mini, and then an F7 at times here and there for extra kick or accent. Glad you liked that too :)

    And with the continuation, the hope is that some elements that now seemed pointless will tie the next story together. Let's see if we can pull it off :)

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    So I've noticed.

    Gotcha. Captions aren't normally something I think about but I'll keep that in mind for the next one.

    Excellent tip, thanks! Exactly what I was looking for. Telling them to act like they lost their keys, rather than to look worried is much better way to go about it.


    Sounds good to me. Good luck!!