I know there are tutorials on creating orbs but my problems are getting the obs into my video to look natural. I have attempted several different ways but failed each time. Can someone send me a tutorial on how to place an orb in my video to make it look organic as it floats through it. Should I figure this out myself...yes, but I am driving myself crazy and wasting to much time. Thanks in advance and happy filming everyone.


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    I was thinking about this, I think to get it looking really nice and floaty you need some physics simulation rather than trying to key frame it.
    I haven't seen anything either but to do it all in hitfilm perhaps create your orb as a comp shot then use that as the source for the particle generator, just have one particle which is your orb then you could parent the particle source to a point layer animate that to move it around in general but also have some turbulance and directional forces set up to get the particle going with some more floaty motion.
    Something like that might work or you could create the animation path in blender with it's more dedicated physics engine, bake that to an empty and use my blender -> hitfilm export script to export the animation path and camera and then use that as the point layer for the orb when compositing it in hitfilm but that's probably a bit of a learning curve if you haven't used blender before.
    So like this tutorial but with one particle which is your orb, something like that perhaps ?
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    Are you looking for something along these lines?
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    I also covered some orb-like stuff here:
  • Thanks for all the help guys. Like I said in the past, I'm very new to hitfilm (film editing in general) and this idea I have has been killing me to get on film. I've created the orbs (thanks to all of you) now I'm attempting to get them to move through my footage fluidly and organic like. Love this program and all the help you guys offer. I'll keep working and plugging away til I get it right. Thanks