Specifiy the time for ending and starting an overlay

RayyanSaboor Posts: 1

hey i wanna know is there a feature through which you can specify the starting and ending time of an image you're using to overlay in a video same goes for text also when i try to move the image that i want to overlay in the video 2 track the editor starts to scroll up 


  • kirkydman
    kirkydman Posts: 1

    Yes im looking for the same thing

  • tddavis
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    edited June 2019

    @RayyanSaboor @kirkydman If you know exactly how long you wish the text, overlay or image to last then set that parameter and you should be able the  move the clip along the timeline to get it in the right spot.  Of course, I'm talking in a composite shot and you may be using the editor which I'm less familiar with, but I think you'd place it on a 2nd video input above the main one and slide it between edits.  Don't know if this helps, but I hope so.

    Edit: You can also use the rate stretch to drag the beginning and end of the clip to get the timing right.