Export progress stops in middle

MohamdMohamd Website User Posts: 2
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When I try to export the project in mp4 format in HitFilm 2 express it stops in the middle and the time remaining stays at around 1 min 30 sec. I tried exporting in avi format, it works but the file size is too large (12 GB for 3 min video)    


  • KirstieTKirstieT Staff Administrator, Moderator, Website User Posts: 1,053 Staff
    Can you tell us a little more about your system Mohamd? For example are you working on a Mac or Windows? What GPU and CPU do you have? 
    Sometimes it can be a virus scanner interrupting with the software - do you currently have any anti-virus software installed on your machine? 
  • MohamdMohamd Website User Posts: 2
    edited March 2014
    I use windows 8.1 and I have an intel i5 4670 with a 2GB GTX 760 and 8GB ram.
    kaspersky antivirus is installed on my computer but it is not doing any scans.
  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 4,450 Enthusiast
    Could you do a test with Kaspersky uninstalled or fully disabled to see if it makes any difference? That way we can rule out the anti-virus.
    For the record, we recommend using Microsoft's Security Essentials anti-virus as it tends to be far less intrusive than other options.
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