Filmstro and Hitfilm

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Hey all,

Just curious.....Fxhome is supporting Filmstro and I have had a go on the demo and I think it's a great bit of kit and I'm very tempted, is there going to be a plugin for Hitfilm Pro 12 as I notice on their website they already have ones for Premier and Final Cut

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  • Hictor
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    I would venture a guessing yes.

    On livestream, Joshua also said that FXhome will be working close with MAGIX in the future.

    Since MAGIX has pretty much claimed the entire Sony suite, including one of the most unique audio editing softwares on the market (Spectral Layers Pro), I do wonder if FXhome is gonna consider working with them on the audio side of things as well.

    There was also a time when Joshua Davies did say that they were talking (not sure about developing) about an audio solution as well.

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    I hope so. I went for Filmstro and was very impressed. 
    I made a comment on a livestream that I now use Hitfilm for all editing and compositing etc except for audio and he answered that audio was being improved... but not whether it was in-house or via a 3rd party.