#TRUeLOVE, sci-fi short made with Hitfilm Pro

alimpo Posts: 4

Hello everyone,

I've made a small sci-fi short, edited in Hitfilm Pro.

It was a mix of green screen footage using my Lumix g7, stock footage, still images, Unity 3D and Hitfilm FX and edits.

Hope you guys like it!

Thanks everyone!



  • DafterThings
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    I thought it was really well done. 
    I see a lot of green screening and there were a couple of points it might have been blended more into the background but, generally, it worked.
    I liked the atmosphere and world you created. In fact, I need to recreate a very similar shot to 00:46 and also create a Blade Runner city so I'd be interested in how you did it.

    Nice audio as well.


  • alimpo
    alimpo Posts: 4

    Thanks for the comment and feedback!

    The shot in 00:46 was a mix of various sources. The actress was shot in green screen and added. The main char in the front, on the left, was rendered in Unity 3D, as well as the character on the front right, which I edited the position and animation. I used a stock video for the background, added light effects, generated rain (and used masks) and finally color grading and added a LUT.

    Hope this helps!

  • Rogyrue
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    Well done there is some quality shots in there . You created a good atmosphere over the first few minutes. You must have put  a lot of work and time in there.

  • alimpo
    alimpo Posts: 4

    Yes, It was hard work! But I was happy with the final result.

    Thanks for the feedback!