Ghost Rider and Iron Man

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Everyone's favorite armored avenger gets a short film! Last summer some friends and I filmed a fan film, and i am still currently editing it, it is extremely difficult, haha there's a lot more that goes into iron Man's effects than one would think, but so far I like how it's looking. I'll post some stills to see what my fellow film makers think!
[attachment=871:Fullscreen capture 3112014 11711 AM.bmp.jpg]   
Ghost Rider, the anti-hero everyone loves, would like to see a decent movie made of, and has never gotten. I took time off my Iron Man project to make a little short film, and, if it is received pretty positively, I might actually make him a full indie non profit movie! Check out the stills!  I do not own Iron Man or Ghost Rider or any Marvel characters involved.
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