Lightwrap shows in Perspective but not Active Camera

Hi there,
I have a planet set up that I'm going to do some things with and one additional element I've added is a light wrap to enhance the outer glow of the planet. Unfortunately, that light wrap is only showing up in the Perspective window.
I'm a little confused how light wrap works. Is it a 2D effect? If so, why does it show up in Perspective but not the Active camera?
Here are examples of the planet in Active & Perspective, with light wrap on and off.
The effect is subtle, but still there. I'm baffled why it shows in one and not the other, but I'm sure there's an explanation.
Anyone know the answer?


  • AxelWilkinson
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    Light Wrap takes the color of the layer behind your object, and blends the color into the edges of your object, based on the type of blend you select and the size of the feather you define.  Int his case, with black behind the earth, Light Wrap won't have any effect.  It is only relevant, really, when you have a background that is brighter than your subject.
    You could use a blend mode like Soft Light to darken the edges of your object, and thus still have a dark background affect the edges, but that's more of an occlusion than a Light Wrap, even if you are using the Light Wrap effect.
    Can you clarify what the two layers you are working with are?  What is the background layer whose light you want to add to your planet's edges?
  • Alec
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    Thanks for the response, Axel. I finally realized what the problem was. I'm dumb.
    Basically, I had followed the planet creation tutorial, which used a duplicated sphere with a Fill Color effect on it, so the Light Wrap was trying to get its color information from another 3D object, which doesn't seem to work.
    The solution was to just create a plane of the appropriate color, throw on a circular mask with a feather on it so everything looks the way it did before, and use that as the source for the Light Wrap onto earth. In fact, the mask doesn't really seem to mean anything when using the plane as a source for the light wrap.
    Here is the working, albeit incomplete, result, followed by no lightwrap for comparison:

    Thanks again, Axel.
  • SimonKJones
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    Light wrap does work with 3D objects. What might have been happening here is that you were using a layer with effects applied as the light wrap source. The problem is that light wrap uses the source clip pre-effects (but post-transform), so won't have seen the results of those effects. You need to turn the layer into a comp or use the grade layer trick to flatten the layer, then it'll probably work.