Is there a way to make a background "infinite scroll" or parallax scroll In hitfilm?

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Hello everyone, first post here and less angry than I was when creating my account 

at least to try and see how the forum works and get answers while doing so.

I am an animator and I'd like to do a 2d  walk cycle on top of  an "infinite loop" scrolling background ! how should I proceed ? should the picture be a lot bigger than the canvas ? should I use Keyframing ? ? if so how ? 

  • on a  side note, as an animator who uses frame rates (and not forcefully 24 frames per secs) is there a way to know in advance how fast HF 12 will play the animation? Because  there is this annoying thing where the preview of the imported media (plays worse than the file itself  which is fine on its own) in  Hitfilm but still smoother than the  editor playback (dropping  many frames) so I am basically  forced to guess-export (with exporting taking forever as is)  without an accurate live review and that's bothersome , not 100% certain how to make it less laggy and more accurate on playback


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    @Haythread As for a scrolling background, you might try taking your background image and applying the 360 viewer to and animate the the camera orbit feature.  One of the gurus will have a better suggestion I am quite sure.  As for the playback issue, I'm betting your dealing with the playback/pause settings which can mess up effect and such in the viewer but let it render okay.

    This video from @FilmSensei might help:

    Note the location of the settings has moved in the newest version to the bottom of the viewer instead of the top.

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    @tddavis has a pretty good ldea regarding using the 360-degree viewer to loop a background.

    This tutorial is for an older version of Hitfilm - back when the "360-degree Viewer" was called "Environment Map Viewer", but remains accurate. For a 2D style BG you'll need to prepare the source image in a comp larger than the image with blank space at the top and bottom so your image just fills the frame. 

    Might be easier than the other method you could use, which is basically having two copies of the Background "leapfrogging" as you pan, which is manual keyframing. 

    As to your other question, the answer is "no." Performance of Hitfilm will be hardware dependent - the bottom line is better hardware responds faster. It might be useful to know your specs, CPU  GPU, OS, RAM and storage. 

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    @Triem23 Did you mean to link a video in your post? ^^^

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     @FilmSensei, yes, I did. Was on my phone writing that post and got a call, literally, as I was pasting in the video link. Didn't notice later there was no link. Then again, I was distracted at the time.

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