Total newbie HitFilm 12, can not find the text panel!

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following how to make rebellion titles youtube and I missed step 1 .. how to align change font etc.. ,  tubevideo is hitfilm 4.. im now hitfilm12..   just started a composite added text and ground to stop.......

generally i just want to make a bit of pop up tracking text over a timelaspe video  following  battlereport for table top games. 




  • PhilNolanPhilNolan Website User Posts: 70

    For basic text first you have to be in compositing mode. Click the "A" text tool next to the viewer. Then click in the viewport and type some text. If you don't see the Text panel in your interface Maybe try resetting your workspace under the View Menu.

    I actually made a tutorial on what you're trying to do not long ago.

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