Imerge Pro 3 Crashing

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rikkiloades Hate to be the bearer of bad news 

Loving the updates, though the app doesn't last 4 minutes after importing RW2 files from my GH4.

I only add one effect and start tweeking, then POOF, the app simply disappears as if it was never opened.

Not sure what I can do to elaborate further.  I sent you guys some previous samples of RW2 files, so you can definitely do your stress testing with those. 


I tried swithing to Engine 2.0. Same results.

But then, when I switched to Engine 1.0, it was pretty smooth. 

In fact, after of lots of messing around (starting with Engine 1.0) I decided to flip to Engine 3.0 during the process and its working without fail.

So, essentially, to avoid crashing, I need to start with 1.0 then switch over to 3.0 I guess.


  • DanielOxer
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    Hi Hictor,

    Thanks for letting us know about the issue you have found.

    If you submit a ticket including any crash reports (found using Ctrl + Shift + D and going to "Show files"), the log file (found using Ctrl + Shift + O and going to "Reveal Log Files") and the images that do not work for you we can then pinpoint where it is going wrong.



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