Black bars around imported video

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I'm not entirely sure if this issue had been discussed here before but if it has already then I apologize and I'll look there~ 

When I import my mp4 file, the video is accompanied by unwanted, LARGE, black bars on all sides. Along with this, my video quality is worsened so changing the scale didn't help. I don't recall putting in different settings for my project and the mp4 file is completely fine itself, what setting/tool can I use to fix this issue?


  • Hola, no hablo ingles. Mi proceso de exportación siempre se interrumpe y sale un aviso de que se "detuvo repentinamente" ¿Que puedo hacer? solo es un video de 5 minutos con efectos mínimos y tengo 616 GB disponibles. ¿No entiendo que pasa? Agradeceré mucho su ayuda.

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    Change your project settings to match the resolution of the media you have imported, and that should fix it. The black bars are created when your media is too small to fill the project.

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