HitFilm unbarebly slow all of a suden

HitFilm has been running just fine for me, editing videos from my camcorder and a few screen-captures of Minecraft, but when I tried editing a capture of my full screen, HitFilm became unbearably slow, making it impossible to edit.  I checked and saw that 100% of my 8GB of ram was being used, and the only application I was running was HitFilm.  Anyone have suggestions for what to do?


  • Triem23
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    Your screencap program is probably giving you very highly compressed mp4 or wmv files. Because of the nature of file compression, this is probably what's causing the slowdown.
    The link above is to a forum thread that talks about this in greater detail.
    Your solution is probably to transcode your footage into a less compressed file format, such as pro-res or DNxHD. Or, to at least transcode to a much less-compressed mp4. This will make the files larger on your drive, but easier for Hitfilm to render.
    There are free utilities online, such as VirtualDub, Handbrake and MPEG Streamclip to do the transcode. The DNxHD codec is also a free download.
    One other question. What's your GPU? Hitfilm does most of it's rendering from the GPU, so that component is actually more important for Hitfilm performance than CPU or RAM.