Fact Or Fake? Helicopter gets sucked into a tornado, Clever CG or a true Disaster?

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NOT to do with Hitfilm BUT...

Just a clip I came across this last night, 

Now that looks pretty real, BUT, There is no back story that I can find. No source, No news story, (except a site with highly questionable credibility) ,  looking for opinions from CG guys on the shot, I think its probably a fake. 


  • Triem23
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    Very fake. Pilot would be an idiot. Why do the rotors stop spinning? Why would pilot/passenger not be belted in? Why  if the tornado is sucking/spinning a multi ton chopper around, would the body fall straight down?  Why do the water drops on the observing coptor's windscreen vanish? If this is supposed to be northern hemisphere (Oklahoma), tornado spins the wrong way. Plus, if this were real, there'd be easy to find news.

    Plus, ebaum's world is the oldest source I can find. If this was a news chopper filming another news chopper getting killed the original source video would be tracked back to a news station. 

    Pretty well done, though 

  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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    Triem23 I agree, didn't notice the water drops though. The biggest thing for me though is the lack of legit news coverage. I don,t mind stuff being well done, but I prefer it when they tell you.