How far is too far in this storyline?

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I'm making a movie about a school shooting, and I want the shooting scene to be very intense. The scene is very quick and, as I said, intense, so I'm wondering how far I can really take this scene. I want this to be somewhat general audience, or at least teenager and up, but I definitely wanted there to be blood in this. Not because "gore is cool" or anything like that. Because school shootings are horrible things and I feel like a lot of people don't ever really think about the horror. I haven't ever been anywhere near one but I did a lot of research going into my script. One student's account said there was blood staining the walls of the hallway. So, I want to put blood in the shooting, and I wanted to do a shot where the shooter walks into a classroom and immediately shoots a student, blood flying out of the back of their head as they fall to the ground. It'd be a very quick shot where the victim is barely seen before the camera moves but... I'm wondering how far is too much?  How far can I take it?


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    Personally I would be very  sensitive with this particular storyline.
    Even if you intend to show the horror many people will not look at it that way. If your intent is to shock and be controversial then that's likely to happen.

    If I were to do this I would likely focus on faces to convey the emotions  and imply any violence off camera. 

    Just my take.

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    You could show the shooter's evil face then fade\cut to white then have a muffled shot before  cutting to the next scene. You could add that 'ringing in the ears' sound that comes after an explosion. I would not show bodies or blood of kids. Like @DafterThings said, people will not look at it that way.

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    I decided to drop the school shooting idea, because of how sensitive it is. While I liked my storyline it was unrealistic to create due to casting requirements and also how sensitive people would no doubt be to what I envisioned. So, I'm looking for some short film ideas in this thread:

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     @Heysiri I think that is a good call.

    I've added some brainstorming to that thread. Let me know what you think and I am happy to go through the cycle again.