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Came across this listing of top free softwares and I am really surprised that Hitfilm express only came in at number 7. Especially with the number 2 ranked free version only able to export at 720p. Figured I would post this and not my intention of getting users to use other software, but to possibly show the devs where some rankings are listing them and with what other softwares express is being ranked with. 



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    I don't think these are ranked in best to worst order. They put HitFilm and DaVinci Resolve as number 7 and 8. Their criteria seems to be random , they put Blender first, which is the most complicated and highest learning curve. No apparent order other than Desktop to phone/pad app.

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     I really hope that is the case, as it didn't really say that it was listing them in ranked order. But had me second guessing that theory as to why put them in a numerical order. Blender is nice but definitely not my first choice of video editing software. There is also another that is not listed there that is also free and that would Natron which is essentially a free open source version of Nuke. But just figured I would post it as it lists pros and cons to the listed softwares and mentions some stuff about Hitfilm that devs may look at for future reference.

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    These top lists of video editors won't rank software because it is easy to be regarded as biased reviews. This is a rare one that makes the test environment clearly at the very beginning and gives an objective analysis as well as provides chances of improvement of Hitfilm sincerely. 


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