Using Neon Path for a moving track

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I am trying to (mis)use the  Neon Path effect to make a moving track on a map.

I have created a track on a black plane by drawing a freehand unclosed mask, then applied the Neon Path to the plane.

If I key-frame the Evolution parameter from 0x to 1x and reduce the Extension parameter to only show a portion of the track (eg 20%)  it almost works but at frame 1 the end of the track also glows, equivalent to the extension value (I assume), and gradually disappearing over the first few frames. Is there any way to suppress this? I can't find any other parameter that might help.

Maybe it's just not what Neon Path was intended for?


  • pinthenetpinthenet Website User Posts: 150 Just Starting Out

    After watching Javert's Neon sign example from 2016 again I found the solution - I also have to key-frame the Extension parameter from 0 to the trail length I want, although I must admit I don't understand why that works....

    The description in the HitFilm 12 reference manual is very sparse, is there a better description elsewhere?

    "A useful tool for creating animated Neon Path effects. You can use a Text Layer or a Mask to define the shape of the effect, and then control the position and movement of the Neon line on the selected path."

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    Javert's tutorials on his channel are still some of the best for learning certain "Pro" effects such as the particle simulator and neon path. I'm looking forward to his livestream they've teased.

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    If you are trying to draw a line this might be more what you're looking for

  • pinthenetpinthenet Website User Posts: 150 Just Starting Out

    Thanks @DimiPapa, it would work if I could 'track' a line on an image but that doesn't work .

    I tried to add my composite as a dropbox link but I t got an error when I posted. I thought this should work




  • pinthenetpinthenet Website User Posts: 150 Just Starting Out

    Try again:

    Here's my current solution - the key-framing of Extension was the missing piece (the map image will be missing but the mask I created on the map is there). Any tips/comments welcome

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