Replacement for Visual Communicator Pro?

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Adobe bought a company called Serious Magic over a decade ago and after releasing what seemed like a couple of updates (all of which I purchased and culminating in Visual Communicator 3 about 11 years ago) of one of their products stopped updating VC altogether. HD support never even saw the light of day. VC included (vector-based) chroma key and an excellent interface for aligning teleprompter, titling and VFX timing for the quick production of "talking head" news-style productions, and once it disappeared from the market nothing properly took its place (and I'm pretty familiar with most supposed-alternatives from Adobe and the like). It seems that many of the most challenging core technologies required for such a product are already in place in some FXHome products; it would be great to see the FXHome team consider folding some of the features that made that product so easy to use for "live-ish" news productions into their own line- a teleprompter synchronized to the timeline (perhaps as a slide-out panel) to ease the job of planning/tweaking voiceover timing against other transitions would be great to see.



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    @TLingus Yes, I had a green screen program by Serious Magic called Ultra 2 that Adobe acquired and killed when they took over Serious.  To be honest though, it was no where near the level that FxHome has with Hitfilm and it cost a couple hundred more and had none of the effects, so all in all it was good for me to find Hitfilm after that.