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Hello All,

  I am working with a Panasonic LA2700 Anamorphic Adapter, that provides a 1.33x squeeze on the footage coming out of my BMCC.  The BMCC shoots in 16 x 9.  I am trying to correctly desqueeze it hitfilm, so I set the pixel ratio of a new project to 1.33 and I import my media.  I drag it on the timeline and it is still squeezed.  What is the correct method to get the nice wide anamorphic footage desqueezed and outputting with the natural letter boxing?


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    If I click on the video on the timeline, go to properties, de-click aspect ration from file and change it to 1.33, I can desqueeze it in the viewer.  Shouldn't I have natural letter boxing now?  Or do I have to reduce the size of the video?

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    I would set my project in HitFilm to Square pixels at whatever resolution matches the final output aspect ratio you want. Assuming an actual resolution of 1920x1080, you would use 2553x1080.  Then import your anamorphic video, and change its aspect ratio to 1.33:1. Then add it to the timeline, and it should stretch out to fit.

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    thank you that worked well.

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