How to select all clips in a certain time frame

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I am making this video for a broski and I decided to add a title to it after I had already done some other work. I selected all the clips and slid them over to the right to give me space. Now I'm done with the title, but I don't know how to move the rest of the film over back. I want to drag select but some clips are hidden underneath the tracks and they remain deselected and when I try to select them individually I sometimes slip up and don't ctrl click to select them alongside all other clips. I think there must be an easier way, but googling didn't give me much help :c

Imma try to make the track bigger to select and drag and then drag  the track back down, but if there is a way  to more easily select the clips in a time frame, please do let me know!

Thanks in advance :3


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    @itsO3O You might be able to put the cursor in the space between the first clip and all the rest and right click and use Ripple Delete.  An alternate way of inserting media or planes from the media bin is to hold shift when you drag it to the timeline and it will push the entire timeline over to insert it.  Hope this helps.

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     Yes, definitely helped a lot!

    It is not exactly what I expected would help me do this best, but the combination of both things you told me allowed me to more easily maneuver the clips.

    Thanks a lot!! :333

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    @itsO3O Glad it helped you out.

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