Composite Shot swap picture or clip

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I created a composite shot  - picture with some effects.

Now I want to export only CShot without picture  (pure effects) like tamplate and publish only picture name.

I want use this CShot in another  project abd don't want copy new picture abd delete old.



  • Triem23
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    Are the effects added directly on the picture layer? If so, create a grade layer, and move the effects to the grade. You can delete the picture layer and save out the Comp with just the Grade and effects. 

    There are a couple other organizations for this type of thing, but, for what you describe, this is easiest.

    Bear in mind if what you want to save is an effects stack you can highlight all the effects in the layer controls, right click and save that as a preset in the Effects panel. 

  • MSo
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    Yes , thank You. But if I have more complicated CShot with two or more clips (special transitions) it not so easy.

    the window with the clip path should be editable -this is the simplest way.
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