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I am planning on making some sort of short this summer. I'm 14 years old and as most of the people that would be willing to act are the same age and quite irresponsible, I want to keep the cast at a max of 2 characters and maybe a few really small other parts. I want to make some sort of sci-fi short that's pretty heavy on VFX (not TOO much 3d modeling though) and is also pretty high on stunts, as both of my actors are adrenaline junkies. I want the short to end up being about 10 minutes long. Preferably, the main plot would take place in the woods, but a few city scenes wouldn't be bad. I have one scene that I hope to fit in somewhere in the plots you guys come up with of one of the two main characters jumping out of a skyscraper.

I hate to ask y'all for ideas, but I'm completely stuck, been brainstorming for weeks now, nothing good.




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    Start with a chase. Person being chased, Bob, has some obviously alien artifact. The person chasing is either an obvious alien or has some alien trait (maybe during a brief moment we see they have lizard eyes?).
    Eventually Bob gets to the building. Blocks himself into a room and breathes a sigh of relief only for the alien to phase through the wall, raise a ray-gun and point it at Bob.
    Bob leaps out the skyscraper/building  and  we discover he is also an alien as he does a superhero land (or glides down or whatever).

    A little cliche but...

    <edit> Throw in a fight scene, some parkour, hiding but being found by infra-red vision etc

    <edit2> Smaller part can be person accidently shot by the ray-gun with some appropriate VFX for their demise.
    <edit3> Maybe, at the end, Bob is cornered and says "OK, you got me. Your turn to run". they swap gizmos and Bob starts counting.


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    @DafterThings high-tech, high-stakes "tag!" That's a pretty good idea for a 5-10 min short. 

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    @Triem23 Thanks
    It's a bit MiB vs Predator. Maybe the ray-gun is not destructive but freezes (as in prevents the person moving) which might be another nice effect. Bob would have to act suitably terrified to hide the fact it is a game.
    It should be low on props, costumes, easier to find locations and has enough opportunity for VFX.