How do I make simple object highlights in instructional video's

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Hello all,

I was just hoping that someone could help me out here.
In my daily life I do work as an ERP trainer in a chemical company, and the people which we need to train is quite high and worldwide. So we decided to create some instructional video's on how to use our ERP system.

The things that we need to do is quite simple. Record a video of what I am doing on my screen, afterwards record some audio which I add on to the video, make some cuts and edits so the voice over is aligned with the video. add some transitions here and there and almost done.

An additional thing that I need to do is, once my voice recording is talking about a specific subject in the video, I do need to add in a "highlight' lets say, which is just a simple square without any padding over a specific part of my video and let it fade in and out on the right time.

Is there an easy way to do this, like just drawing a square on my videoframe and make it fade in and fade out?

I do not have much experience in video editing so that is how I did end up on the forum here.
I used to create these video's with Kdenlive but i realized that this video editing software is quite clunky and it takes alot of time to create these edits.

I was looking for another program and I did end up with Hitfilm Express which I would like to give a try, as it does look much more user friendly to use.

I don't have much experience with HF express, just watched this tutorial video so far:

But I would like to know if the functionality that I need is supported by HF, before I dive deeper into it

Feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks! 


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    @Tawa1991 I'm pretty sure what you are looking to achieve is most definitely achievable in Hitfilm.  Have a look at this tutorial that was made by @JavertValbaar before he graduated and went to work for FxHome.

    He also has some presets available that help to do on-screen graphics with lower thirds like news broadcasts:

    You'll have to scan through the title names though because the thumbnails are no longer available.  I hope this helps you out and is in line with your needs.  I worked for a nuclear/chemical corp for 29 years so I'm fairly certain I know the type of training materials you are talking about.

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    @tddavis ; Good afternoon,

    I did follow the instructions on the video from your message and I managed to create exactly what I needed.

    Thank you very much for the feedback , as from now on I will be using Hitfilm Express to create my instructional videos

    Much appreciated!


  • tddavistddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 4,168 Moderator

    @Tawa1991 You are more than welcome.  Glad that worked for you.  I wish I had Hitfilm back in the late 90s early 2Ks when I was helping the training crew at my plant update some hand drawn assets with PowerPoint which was all I had available at the time. :)

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