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So, can we all agree Marvel has some beautiful end credits sequences? I have to debate between my favorite, from Iron Man 3, Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Avengers: Endgame. The Avengers also had good end credits, and now that I'm thinking about it so did Ant-Man and the Wasp, Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok... you get the point.

So, I'm trying to think of what I'm going to do for the end credits of my film that I'm currently making. It's just a little thing I've been thinking of for a while. My movie is about an alien invasion and a group of teenagers trying to stop it, so originally for the end I was thinking. I would take a frame from a nearly-entirely CGI scene from the film (during the third act, the teenagers are in a stolen alien ship flying while being chased by the alien fleet and mothership) and do something similar to The Avengers, with the names in 3D space around the 3D models. But, I'm wondering if anyone has any artsy, relatively-easy credits ideas. Thanks!


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    this comes down to production design. 
    you need to have an overall idea.

    in the avengers they're from "comic books" so the endings are like a moving version of that.  that's how they visualize it an idea before they start.  someone comes up with the idea of keeping it in the realm of "comic book" and they start drawing up ideas from there.

    in the case of your one, you need to decide if it's Alien / comic book or Alien / horror, or something Alien / digital / comedy...  is it an Adventure movie that's set with "Aliens"

    once you have that part of your film worked out, the rest should start to fall into place.  it comes down to a certain feel you're going for.  IE don't use slap stick comedy over horror.

    you may do something where the kids are flying off and they start moving through the credits (sort of a hint that the journey continues and they're moving on from one story to another)

    or that it concludes that story (sort of the idea you'd get from watching star wars a new hope) vs we've reached a point where we'll be back but for now we're regrouping (empire strikes back)

    these things will help you also decide the final shots (sequence).

    so nothing is and then we'll do this.  it's planned out from the beginning.  your end will dictate your credits.  you credits will dictate the end and the sequence that leads to it.

    from there.  do what ever works.

    hope that helps

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    @Jarrahv1 thanks that did help. I can't reveal my ending due to spoilers but it acts as both an ending and a place to continue, much like A New Hope.

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    glad it helped.  at least you'll have a starting point and know what to look for in your work now

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    This video might help you ! 

    I made the whole end credit sequence in hitfilm express. I think you might get an idea.

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    @VARADLAD I loved that! I'm not sure the theme will entirely fit my current film but possible my next one. How did you make that?

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    @Jarrahv1 asked a good question and I can't see the answer.
    What type of film is it? Alien/Comic? Alien/Horror? Alien/Comedy?


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    @DafterThings ah I missed that question. Alien/Comic would be the best explanation I think. It's about an alien invasion but my plot twist is instead of taking place during the invasion, the movie takes place four years after aliens captured Earth. Then the movie is about six teenagers who attempt to survive on their own on an alien-ruled Earth, yet they stumble upon information that could change the tide in Earth's constant struggle for survival.

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     @HeySiri I just used the threshold effect and played with numbers also i key framed the rotation , movement and scale. 

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    So I'm making a tetralogy of films and so for the fourth one I can't decide how to make the end credits. It's like the very end of a massive adventure over the last four movies so I want it to have a very fitting end credits sequence. My original idea was something like the first Avenger movie's endcredits, or Age of Ultron. One epic scene in my movie is entirely digital during this battle so I was thinking it'd be cool to make the end credits like Age of Ultron but moving around this battle scene that's iconic from the movie.

    My other idea was something like Endgame's. Very simple, with grand orchestral music, and then reveal the six main character's names similar to how endgame honours the original six Avengers. I wouldn't do the signature thing though, because I don't want to copy Endgame too much, but Endgame's credits are so good partly because of the driving yet calm music. So, I'm debating between the two ideas.

    Another idea I had was to do like a sort of montage of the entire tetralogy, ending with showing the original six main characters, and then after that play the AOU like credits. So during the montage I wouldn't show actor names or anything, just do a recap basically.

    I just can't decide. I really like all three ideas.

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