Glitching out a person

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I wanna try to have a person walking but also glitching out. I wanna try and not use a green screen because I want the surroundings to look as real as possible. Another thing I want to do is to have body parts move off as the person glitches. 


Can anyone help?


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    Use a green screen. 

    If you don't  you will have to manually roto your actor out of the background, AND patch the background if you displace a body part revealing background. 

    After that  you'll need to describe (or provide a video/photo) reference for the look/style of glitch you want, because there are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to create glitches. 

    Express or Pro? This will tell us what effects you have available. 

    Do a search on YouTube for "Hitfilm glitch effect." You'll find several tutorials to show you some methods and techniques. 

    Also look up "Hitfilm Displacement Tutorial." The first one that comes up is one of mine. It's about creating fake 3d with the Displacement filter, but it teaches all the controls. If you used something like a fractal noise as the source for the displacement map, you'll get glitchy displacement.

    Once you've learned Displacement, look at Time Displacement (Temporal Displacement). It's kind of like Displacement, but it pulls data from other frames. If you feed it a black and white image as a map it pulls frames from before or after the current frame into the image. That's a neat way to get a nifty glitch. It's also a technique that no-one's done a tutorial for and most users don't know about, so you'll have a more uncommon look. 

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    I use pro


    This link is an example of what I wanna do.

    Except for my shot my character is walking down the hall towards the camera

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    You've linked to a file on your computer. You'll need to upload to YouTube or file sharing site for us to see it. This forum doesn't support direct file uploading, so this also applies to stills. 

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    Might give this tutorial a try: