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Hi, just invested in some Actionvfx bundles. Can someone tell me what is the best format for Windows 10 PRORES or open EXR? I am not sure. Thank's in advance for any help




  • Triem23
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    Are you Express or Pro?

    If Express  you can't load EXR, so you have to use ProRes. 

    Pro Res are video files, EXR will be image sequences. The EXR probably takes up more drive space. 

    EXR sequences may have multiple channels with various data. Currently, Hitfilm only does single channel EXR so you'd have to use third party software to extract the additional channels. 

    The EXR will be premium image quality, but you'll have additional prep work to fully take advantage of the format. 

    The ProRes will be excellent quality, and easier to use.

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    Hi Triem23 thanks for the info.I am a Pro user. Now I can start downloading.