Bad CGI in Marvel Movies

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I saw this and had to share.  Use practical when you can. 


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    Banner in the Hulkbuster  pulled me out of the immersion factor at *just* the wrong moment at the end of Infinity War. I was also looking at Iron Man jets in SpiderMan Homecoming and thinking.. "I could do that. Why are they not so much better".

    The live action suits do look great but I sometimes wonder how practical they are. Keaton's Batman suit looked great but hardly helped his martial arts.
    I should print out a card that says "Don't rely on post'. Too often I think I can add or remove something but it's a case of save a minute now or  spend an hour later. The result is often something a little shoddy which isn't really an option for Marvel. 


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    CGI is so fricking hard to do as well! and expensive if you're doing it for real movies!

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    I loved BP, one of the best Marvel movies for sure
    but what prevented it from really reaching classic status is the CGI
    fu*king terrible

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    The Keaton Batsuit was to make him look buff.  Honestly, I've always thought they should of gone with a cloth Batsuit like is depicted in the animated series.

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    I will give one, and only one defense of the occasional poor Marvel CGI. If one tracks down the terrible sequences they inevitably come from reshoots. 

    Sequences planned from the beginning of the film look great - they got shepherded through the movie starting at animatic stage and refined through production (often an animatic literally becomes the final shot as assets get swapped in and refined. 

    The Black Panther car chase, for instance, was a late reshoot. Of course reshoots are done MONTHS after primary production. That car chase got rushed out the door. 

    Marvel movies have release dates announced years ahead of time. If Black Panther didn't have a hard release date set that sequence could have been refined for another month or two to bring it in line with the rest of the movie. 

     It would also help if resources weren't wasted on sequences not in the movie. I'll jump to Spidey/Homecoming. The trailers have shots of Spidey zooming around with Iron Man. Shots done for the trailer that had nothing to do with the movie at all. The artists who did those shots could have been utilized on sequences actually in the film instead. Instead of doing a perfect shot of Iron Man armor, instead one of those dodgy shots of Vulture could have been made good.

    It's not the artists, it's the suits forcing rushed shots to meet an arbitrary deadline and forcing wasted resources on pointless trailer shots. 

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