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    Well, back to non-relevancy hell.

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    The effects are good and the presentation is OK. You move around a little too much for more liking but...

    The fire effects at 00:50 could have been blended in a little more and the lightsword sound turned down a bit.
    The lightsword turns off when you drop it? Shouldn't it stay on *or* you remove the plastic blade in post... or is that too far?
    I thought the water gun could have shot you at 01:17 with the line "not *that* water gun" but, again, that might be too much.
    I think the end was a little weak. You might have considered ending with a bang. Maybe you could have turned invisible or a superhero take off effect?

    People can be slow to respond sometimes. Many of us have day jobs and other responsibilities so time online is in short supply. If I might also suggest toning down your posts and responses at times. People are here to help but, although very talented, you sometimes come across as a little 'pushy'. This might put people off responding.  Take this with a massive pinch of salt as it might just be my view.

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    Mistery1307 Posts: 177 Just Starting Out*

    I know people have jobs, I've always been aware of how impatient I am,it's just hard to change a trait you've had for most of your life. The whole thing was sort of in a rush because of me having literally, (again.) 2 days to edit, my friend is always busy, and getting him to be free has to be set up very much in advance, he didn't have much time to film, so we decided to film only 4 scenes. The fire on my leg was sloppily tracked without no glow. And the improv line was hard to relate to anything, like "Go dorito"? Really me?  I would've used the line "Not that water gun" if we had any other water source. The lightsaber hit was supposed to do something like "pull back the curtain" I don't know, we didn't film with the VFX in mind. It also doesn't matter what I said during the lightsaber bit, it was about the lightsaber, not the dialogue, half of it I had already said.

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    I understand the impatience in getting responses and feedback but consider a different approach..

    "Well, back to non-relevancy hell".   In the end my concern for your feelings made me respond out of shame. That doesn't feel good for me so I'd be less inclined to respond next time.
    My suggestion : "I appreciate this has only been a day but I would value your feedback as I need to <insert reason for response>".  That would make me more inclined to respond.
    <edit> On double-checking you didn't actually ask for anything just posted your video.
    I know, I know... we should have all realised you were posting for feedback but just make it a little easier for people.
    Something  I picked up from your reply is how you are filming and editing against time constraints. This is not unusual so I wonder how much time you had for planning. The better you plan the better use you'll make of available time and resource.

    "I don't know, we didn't film with the VFX in mind." - This is an odd statement considering the video appears to concentrate on VFX.  I constantly think myself through my videos during planning phase :-
       Teleport in
       Do your narration, gun firing and lightsword.
       "Go Dorito" and Superhero take-off yourself out of there.

    As always I am impressed with how proficient you are with VFX. 

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    You have talent, now you just need to start writing scripts or storyboards. I didn’t do this with my videos for years and you could tell. Once I started boom my stuff got wayyyyy better. Ooooooo I think you should have like flown off at the end, that would have been awesome.  Keep on posting and keep making videos  . You are on your way :) 

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    What Maui said. Your stuff is getting noticeably better in a short time. But, your own comment, "I don't know, we didn't film with the VFX in mind," shows the next thing you need to focus on to improve. For VFX plan the shot around the VFX. It will make your edits easier in the long run.

    Scripts and/or storyboards are really useful planning tools, and, as I've said to DafterThings a storyboard doesn't have to be elaborate - stick figures are fine. You just need it good enough where you know what it represents for actor and camera angle. 

    I won't necessarily comment on all your posts. Besides life, the universe and everything (work, family, etc), I, at least, read every single forum post every day. I just don't have time to write detailed posts on everything. 

    Keep at it! You're starting good, you're getting better  and you already show potential to be great. The next thing I feel you should work on is scripting and planning. When you walk into a short already knowing what you want it to be and shoot, planning for your VFX, you'll have easier edits and get even better results. What you're doing with "random" footage is already good. 

    Here's another tip about scripts and storyboards - you can change things on set! The script/storyboard process locks intent in your mind and actually makes it easier to improv on set. One of the last shorts I did I boarded everything out. On the shoot day, when I saw my final location, and had a last minute issue with an actor that cost an hour and a half of shooting time, I threw the entire storyboard away - but, having done it I still knew the kinds of shots I needed for coverage, so I was able to "make it up" on set and get what I needed.