New trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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Well this is still looking excellent to me.  I quite liked the first trailer, and we have lots of new footage here, including some good shots of The Falcon in action.  I'm very much looking forward to this.


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    Can't wait for this to come out. Winter Soldier is a great story even though the impact is diminished a bit by the lack of time and history in the movie timeline vs the comics timeline. BTW, Did you hear Cap address Rumlow on the plane? Crossbones! (oops, I'm referring to the 4 minute trailer, which seems to have been taken down).
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    Based on trailers for upcoming movies and movies out... heres my in order list of Top Marvel movies.
    1)The Incredible Hulk
    2)Guardians of the Galaxy
    3)The Avengers
    4)Iron Man
    5)Captain America
    7)Iron Man 2
    8)Thor 2
    9)Iron Man 3
    The Incredible Hulk sits on top as king of MY list because they paired great acting with great action.  Instead of doing an origin story they moved far enough in the story and were successful.  Not every movie needs an origin story... especially when its characters that have been in pop culture enough that if you skip it, people won't be lost.  I think it is the most underrated of all the Marvel movies because people remember The Hulk.

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    Are you just including Marvel Studio films, MichaelJames?  Or is there no mention of X-men or Spider-man because they sit too low on your list?
    Personally, I liked The Incredible Hulk less than I liked Hulk, but just the bits of the Hulk in The Avengers pretty effectively pushed anything Hulk-related that had gone before into insignificance for me.  I really liked Thor, but I thought Thor: The Dark World improved on the first one significantly.  I strongly disagree with you on Iron Man 2, which is the only Marvel film thus far that I have actively disliked.  It did have some great moments, but as a film, it was rubbish, and not fun.
    Spider-man 2 and X2 would both be pretty high on my list, if we open the list to films outside of Marvel Studios.  As would First Class, probably.  Stylistically, this new Captain America reminds me a lot of The Avengers, which is an entirely good thing.
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    I think the Falcon shots are going to be the best part of this. There's a lot of well covered ground here in terms of plot I think, but the Falcon is genuinely pretty unique (as far as the mainstream superheroes go). 
    As a sidenote, I'd put Spiderman right at the very top of any Marvel Studio film list. Absolutely brilliant film, and I love the rawness and (often cockiness) of that character :)
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    @KirstieT - there hasn't been a Spiderman film from Marvel Studios yet.  The rights to Spiderman were licensed to Sony before Marvel Studios existed,  which is why Spiderman can't appear in The Avengers.  Sony holds the rights, and won't give them back.  Same situation as with the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, which are both licensed to Fox.  They are Marvel properties, but cannot appear in the Marvel Studios universe, due to preexisting licensing agreements.
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    I can't include the non Marvel studio films because those aren't overseen by 1 company.
    In the original hulk I did like that they showed him jumping miles high, but that didn't go over well.  So they cut that from the incredible hulk.
    I liked the Thor movies more then I thought I would because I was never a big Thor fan.  Thor 2 while more expansive in the Thor mythology (which I was never keen on) was also just so much of a call back to the first movie almost any time they dealt with humans.   I don't like what they did with the Erik character and his role in most of the movie.  Also, they need to remove the Darcy character. 
    I liked Iron Man 2 even if the ending was kind of weaker then it should of been.  The fight behind Iron Man and Iron Patriot(war machine) was stupid.  That being said I ranked it higher then Iron Man 3 because while they did a better fights I feel like they just wasted lots of good ideas and characters.  The Mandarin thing pissed me off to no end because while it IS a clever twist... they just wasted a mega villain.  They also distorted a great story. Extremis could of made every later appearance of Iron Man very awesome.  I compare my problem with Iron Man 3 to getting cake and ice cream on your birthday as a kid.  You had been waiting for the day for so long and you heard you were getting cake and ice cream, you assumed you were getting your favorite kinds.  Then the day comes and you get a cake and ice cream that was meant to satisfy everyone and is far from your favorite.  It just let your expectations down.
    I really liked X men the first class.
    I was surprised I liked the Captain America movie.  Im not usually a fan of WW2 era movies and Captain America was not my favorite hero.  I read more of his comics then Thor as a kid(like where he becomes a werewolf).  I liked how they did it(even though it was just to get Cap to the future).  The new Winter Soldier movie looks very bad ass though.
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    I think The Mandarin twist has just begun.  I'm just saying.  Wait for him to come back, and we'll see if I'm right, and we can talk more about it then. But in the mean time, make sure you watch the All Hail the King one-shot, if you haven't yet.
    I agree that Iron Man 3 could have been much, much better than it was, and I also found it quite disappointing. But I enjoyed it quite a bit more than Iron Man 2.
  • MichaelJames
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    I have watched the one shot, but I didn't think it was cannon to the actual marvel film universe.
    I feel like Iron Man 2 was undercooked versus Iron Man 3 which just had substituted ingredients. 
      In Iron Man 2 I loved the Monaco scenes with "whiplash."  I liked the story line involving Howard Stark and the palladium poisoning.  Wasn't not a Fan of Pepper Potts as CEO because she was brushing off her super genius boyfriend/major asset to the company needlessly.  I loved the Justin Hammer story line.  If they would have scrapped the friend fight and find another way to have stark let Rhodes take the Mark II and would of shored up the major boss fight.  Besides the action needing to be improved after the drones are gone... they missed an opportunity to have finish the emotional that began when Vanko was in prison talking to him about making gods bleed and his father being a thief. 
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    I wrote a really long thing here and decided to delete it.
    Short version: IM2 is hampered by watering down a vengance story with too much superfluous Avengers setup.
    IM3: is hampered by Tony being a complete and total idiot for the entire movie. The Air Force 1 bombing is the moment where the entire Iron Man franchise jumps the shark, and I hop they kill Tony in Avengers 2, because, with his VR control systems, and JARVIS remote control and Tony having no shrapnel in his heart, there's no need for him to ever be Iron Man again... Just go screw up, create Ultron and die, Tony, because I don't care about you anymore.
    Thor: Dark World is hampered by being mostly pointless. I don't give a crap about Jane, and the whole "you haven't been here in two years!" is kinda blown by THOR BEING IN AVENGERS! (set after Thor. Therefore, Birfronst was fixed two years ago. Therefore, Thor hasn't come back to visit Jane in two years because he's an ass.)
    Thor: Dark World is also hampered by giving the comic sidekick here own comic sidekick. I'm hoping they get killed off in GOTG somehow. Seriously--just kill Kat Denning's character. Please.
    AGENTS OF S.H.E.I.L.D is where the Marvel Cinematic Timeline starts to collapse under it's weight. Crossover references make it clear that show is concurrent with Dark World--two years after Avengers. Yet Coulson is recovered after his "month in Tahiti." So, between Thor and AGENTS, the timeline and continuity are cracking terribly. Plus, you know, Coulson's death is the moment that defines Avengers--not just the literal "who are they avenging" question, but actually giving some lasting consequences, and some true emotion in it.
    If "Winter Soldier" or "Avengers 2" DOESN'T have a subplot where Cap tells Fury to stick himself up his own sphincter because of giving Cap the sob-story about poor, dead, Phil to motivate Cap into saving the world, then the writers will have stopped playing fair with the audience and the story.
    GOTG is a refreshing change--other than giving us a first REAL look at the Collector, it looks like a fun movie, not hampered by a bunch of cross-referencing crap that has nothing to do with the story at hand.
    Winter Soldier: Meh. I already know who the Winter Soldier is, and, if Winter Soldier is concurrent with AGENT'S of SHIELD, then Cap's been thawed for two years, and has already DONE his "man out of time" days, so I don't really care about seeing that now. Falcon looks cool.
    Oh, they're blowing up the Helicarrier again? *Yawn.*
    I'm more excited about X-Men: Days of Future Past. At least, being a time travel story, they have the opportunity to directly address (and change) how badly the X-Men films has messed up it's own continuity.
    Thrust me, the original version of this post was much, much longer and much, much more sarcastic.
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    The future of Tony Stark can be like in the comics... He has had the shrapnel taken out many times and additional problems that resulted.  I mean there is the story line where Tony's armor gains sentience... They will probably incorporate this into the Ultron story because Hank Pym is not in this one and Vision will be voiced by the same guy who does Jarvis.
    Thor 2... There was wars between the different realms after the Bifrost was destroyed.  The beginning of THor 2 was suppose to be the last war to quiet everything down.  They should move on from Jane and show the adventures of thor. If they could work in Beta Ray Bill... I'd be happy.
    Agents of shield was tame... and really should have cross overs.  THey are trying to have a police drama but are missing opportunities to tie it into the popular universe.  Captain America could of easily been in this series in cameos.  Instead of a regular series they should of done a miniseries.  WOuld of been easier to have cross overs with everyone.
    Cap 2, is going to have that subplot.  Remember the trailer where Cap is in a elevator full of guys trying to subdue him?  Well that was at Shield.
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    Beta Ray Bill? :-D Can we do Thor: Frog of Thunder, too? :-D
    Actually, killing Tony in Avengers 2 is a good way to go--Robert Downy's done with his contract, and his salary demands are so flipping ridiculous... But, that way we don't re-cast, or pay Downy Jr;s MORE THAN $50 MILLION to do it again... NO one would see it coming, and it would have a huge emotional impact!
    I can always be wrong... I lost a fair amount of money on all my bets that Ron Weasley would get killed in Harry Potter Book 7. I like Ron, but I really thought he was toast.
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    If Stark accidentally creates Ultron, then having him sacrifice himself to save the day would be a good finale for the character - especially given the subplot running through all the Iron Man/Avengers stuff about him being narcisstic and self-obsessed, unable to be a 'proper' selfless hero.
    I really liked Thor 2, but agree that Kat Denning's character has no place in the film. She worked in Thor 1, but her presence in Thor 2 is perplexing - especially, as you say, that she has her own subplot that is given far too much attention.
    In fact, if they'd kept her exact plotline with her annoying comic relief friend...but had then killed them both during Malekith's attack at the end - that would have been awesome. Setting up two silly characters then unceremoniously killing them. Good motivation for Thor, Jane & co, and would have given Malekith even more bite than he already had after the Asgard attack.
    General immunity to all threats is the biggest problem the Marvel films face now - especially with Coulson's return. It starts to erode any sense of peril. Then again, I suspect Coulson's situation is going to play into the fall of SHIELD in general over phase 3.
  • MichaelJames
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    Robet got a part of the back end.  If the film didn't do gang busters he wouldn't of gotten 50 million dollars.
    Star Sacrificing himself would just be Avengers 1 all over again.  They need to take Hulk/banner to the limit this time.  You got the sense that hulk was strong but not that his rage made him stronger or that he could lose.  I know its too much to ask for an Onslaught storyline(minus the x men) but the Avengers need to be challenged on every level and Ultron can go toe to toe with any of the avengers.  This would set up perfectly for a planet hulk story line if they do something to unhinge the hulk enough to defeat ultron but then he goes on a "man of steel" level of destruction which forces the avengers to get him off the planet.  Hulk gets a very interesting story line(where hes not all power up) and smarter and then the next avengers movie is World War Hulk.  That movie you could have every single planned cross over character from all of the various movies, tv show and planned webseries pop up.
    You can have captain America "die" in the unleashing of ultimate hulk and bring him back in captain America 3.  WHere bucky takes over being captain America.
    Marvel... like dc is immune from real peril.  Everyone has died and come back.  From magic, technology, cloning, aliens, it wasn't them who died but some sort of imposter... they weren't really dead.  The only character who hasn't died was Wolverine because of very generous writers giving him a healing ability to an extreme where he can grow his whole body back when flash fried in a massive explosion. 
  • MichaelJames
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    M.J. dude... you always find the coolest stuff. This literally made my day, thanks for posting! :)  
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    I'm avoiding that until I can watch the film properly. :)
    The lack of peril in DC/Marvel comics is a big problem, from a narrative structure perspective. They have a chance with the films to sidestep that and have real consequences - alas, they've already jumped head first into that problem by resurrecting Coulson.
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    @Simon... sure the characters will never stay dead permanently, but for certain runs they often do.  Then they can either hit the reset button or in a new run explain how they weren't dead.  DC did that when they recently killed batman, did Battle for the Cowl... then did a new batman... then explained how the old one is still alive trapped in the past.
      If Sony was bold they could do an Amazing Spiderman and a Spectacular Spiderman movie alternating every other year.  That way in 1 version you could kill off Mary Jane or kill spider man and introduce Scarlett Spiderman and in the other universe keep going with a normal spider man. 
    Actual peril is great for specific and set stories... but not movies with sequels already penned. Take Starwars.  If you knew about all the star wars movies planned... or just the first 3 before the release of the first movie... wouldn't that kill any real drama or sense of threat?  Luke is going to survive, so is Han Solo and Leia and Chewy and the robots..
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