Lighting issue

wayne2945 Posts: 6 Just Starting Out

Kind of a newbie but have a question.

Made a composite scene with  a still photo for background about 30 secs long.

Added a 3d model and animated it a little. I put three lights in scene to

enhance color on model. Problem is when i run scene lights go out first frame.

how do i get them to stay on entire sequence.?


  • GrayMotion
    GrayMotion Posts: 1,632 Enthusiast

    Is this happening after you render?

    A note: Funny thing here...I'm a long time user of Hitfilm's 3D module and I have noticed this myself as of late. Usually my models come from off screen so I've never really noticed the light change from frame 1 to frame 2. The lights do illuminate the model BUT illumination does change...sometime dramtically. Unrolled or 2D makes no difference. Illumination DOES change.

    Interesting to see what others have to say.



  • FilmSensei
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    @wayne2945 At first thought, I would say to make sure you have your Playback Quality and/or Resolution set at full. It is possible that "the lights are on" when you are paused, but they "turn off" when you play because the Playback Quality and/or Resolution are set to something less than full. Take a look at this video for more details. Please Note: This video was made in an older version, and the controls have now been moved to the lower part of the viewer screen.