Accessing HitFilm filters in Sony Vegas

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I don't know if this is an appropriate topic for this group but I've purchased and activated HItfilm filters but they're not showing up in my Sony Vegas Pro filter list. Several months ago I purchased other filters which I was able to access. Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong?


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    To clarify, you're referring to Ignite Pro? When you say "other filters," are you referring to other FXHOME product or another vendor's?

    The forum is an appropriate place to ask, but we're mostly users (including MODS. We're not FXHOME staff), so you might want to scroll to the bottom of this page, look for the support link and contact them directly. Figuring out the issue might require license information you won't want to post in an open forum. 

    You'll want to tell Support your system specs, CPU, GPU  OS RAM and storage. Also, which version of Vegas you're running and which version of the Hitfilm plug-ins/Ignite you're running.

    You may as well post that information here, too, in case anyone has an idea, but I do think an actual support ticket is the better option. 

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