Is there a way to group clips?

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Is there a way to group clips into a folder so the workspace isn't so messy? Sorry if this is a dumb question. Thanks!


  • triforcefx
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    Currently, it is only possible to sort into groups by media type. You can also display the clips in a few different orderings (alphabetical, date, etc.)

    FXHome did say in a recent live stream that they have big plans for media management coming in the future, so stay tuned!

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    There is also the 'Group by folder' option. Then you can create a folder structure yourself with sub-folders etc. However the management of clips and folders is not so straightforward so any future improvements would be good.

    If you have a lot of files grouped by media I found it was quite messy to switch to folders. Best to create the basic folder structure when you start a project - I have a 'template' project for that. Unfortunatley HitFilm doesn't follow your folder structure for new composites, new planes and imported media.

  • This is a really important issue for me. Davinchi Resolve has dynamic folders based on criteria you enter. So I was able to have folders dynamically pull out all media created on a particular date as I imported media from multiple devices.

    This made creating a linear video really easy when using media with multiple naming conventions. I prefer Hitfilm for many reasons but on this front the media management options are really lacking. 


    To triforcefx, I have yet to find a way to sort other than by type and file name, and then ascending or descending. Are you saying that there should be another option there for date?

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    @AmateurVidGuy I think @triforcefx mis-spoke. Currently the sort options are Name and Type. 

    As he mentioned, FXHOME has announced massive re-tooling of the Media Bin is coming in a future update. The Wishlist thread is here  and the Wishlist is regularly checked by the devs, so you might wish to repost your comments there.

    Personally I'm waiting for Metadata sort/filter. 


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