Hitfilm 3d spaceship walking up into the spaceship

So i recently started to play around with 3d models in hit film. I have imported my 3d model but how would i do the walking up the stairs into the spaceship(don't know if that's how you say it in English) but there are no stairs out so I'm guessing I have to make them on my own with animation in hit film but how?


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    @danilkp1234 HF has no 3D modeling capabilities.  Yes, you can import and manipulate your model in HF, but you can't create them.  You will need a separate 3D package such as Blender (free) to build a set of stairs.

    Then you will need to Greenscreen your actor and composite them into the model.  But probably the best and "easiest" approach would be to shoot your actor climbing a set of real stairs, then mask out the extraneous surroundings and composite that into your scene.  Still some work, but you don't have to build another 3D model and try to sync your actor to a virtual set of stairs (which would really be difficult).

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    Here's my thought.  Build a scale 3-d model of your ramp/stairs in something like Blender.  Note the dimensions.  Add that into the scene in a composite shot.  Build a full scale "replica" of the stairs/ramp in the real world.  It doesn't have to look all that good, just be matching to the scale of the virtual one.  Paint it chroma-key green.  Put it in front of a green screen backdrop.  Set the real world camera angle to match the one used in your proposed shot.  Have your actor walk up the steps on camera shooting the greenscreened part.  Greenscreen the live action clip onto a composite shot....matching the spacing of the virtual and real steps/ramp. 



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    If you decide to go the Blender 2.8 route to build your stairs here is an architectural add-on that will make it pretty easy to build stairs -


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    Have your actor walk in to the scene (green screen) under the ship. then use HitFilm to beam him up. See tutorials on HF site. Ha! no stairs!

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