Environment maps do not appear in export but do in the composite shot.

In my example, I am using an environment map for a sort of unusual purpose of giving my models an emissive glow in certain areas which I can animate instead of having a solid color. Unfortunately when I export them the environment map disappear. The only way I can export it correctly is if I create a pre-render of the composite first. But that is not ideal if I forget to do so, it is also costly on render times. Exported video - After pre rendering (what it should look like)  In the examples, I am using the environment map to animate an electrical visor on the rover. When I export it the environment is gone and the visor is blank. But after a pre render it functions properly. For now this is an okay workaround. But I am sure I will forget to pre render all of my scenes at the final export and I will have to do it over again. I guess you could say this is a bug report.

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