Cloning Help - Masking Doesn't Overlay Videos

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When I Put 2 Videos Over Each Other To Clone A Person, I Select The Mask Tool On The Top Video And - Instead Of Showing The Other Video Over The Selected Area - It Just Shows The Blank Black & Grey Squares. I Tried Different Options And Followed 2 Tutorials, But Nothing Changed. What Am  I Doing Wrong?


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    @Rascal67 It could be a couple of things, I think.  1) Have you tried inverting the mask in the control settings to see if that let's it show. 2) Make sure your playback/ pause settings aren't at quickest which can make effects not display.  If you could, take a screenshot of your project so I or someone else can see maybe something amiss.  Also, you are doing this in a composite and not on the Editor timeline, right?  I've only done this in composites so I'm not sure it's possible on the editor, but there were some changes recent to what can now be done there, so I dunno?

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    @tddavis ;

    Thanks For The Blazing Fast Response. I Restarted My PC And The Masking Now Works Fine. I Am Going To Update To The Latest HitFilm Express Version Now Just In Case Anything Else Happens. 

    Thank You Once Again,


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